Michos Gourmet Mexican Tacos

Established in 2009, this Gaslamp treasure offers a variety of delicious tacos with handmade flour or corn tortillas.

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Yelp Review 10/2016

My favorite place to eat tacos, especially the Queso taco. I'm pretty picky about guacamole and beans and this place does not disappoint. Mike, the bartender is pretty funny and makes the experience a real joy. I highly recommend that you eat here when you get the chance.

Yelp Review 07/2016

When we were in San Diego last week, I ate fish tacos at 4 different places (all recommended by Yelp users) and this was HANDS DOWN the best.

Yelp Review 09/2016

I just wanted to take a moment to declare my everlasting and undying love for Micho's tacos, and especially the fried queso taco which from this day forth will forever be The One That Got Away. You have truly lost your Way if you don't eat here whilst in San Diego. Say hello to Mike, a beautiful human being, and enjoy. I love you.

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